Upcoming Talks and Workshops

06 April 2022

‘Achieving health equity through the governance of digital transformations in health’ (PANEL)
Governing Health Futures 2030, 08:00-09:00 BST – online

Past Talks

22 March 2022

Responsible Tech Review: Digital Exclusion, Ethics, and Co-Production (PANEL)
Responsible Tech Collective, 13:00-14:30 GMT – online

19 March 2022

Rise Summit: Tech for Good (PANEL)
Tech for Good Live, 10:55-11:40 GMT – online

9 February 2022

Combatting digital exclusion from health inequalities:  How to deliver UX for Diverse and Inclusive end-to-end services (PLENARY PANEL)
Leading Healthcare Innovation Summit 2022 (HETT), Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London

31 January 2022

AI in Healthcare: Uses, Opportunities, Risk
Gut Reaction Patient Advisory Committee (HDRUK)

25 January 2022

AI Ethics as Promise and Process: Fair, Just, and Equitable Socio-technical Systems
Royal Holloway (online)

14 September 2021

Epistemic Justice as Crisis Relief: Local Content Production in Community-Owned Internet Networks During COVID-19
The Digital Inclusion and Policy Research Conference 2021 (online)

3 June 2021

Critical Tech Literacy: Critical Thinking about Life-Critical Technology – WORKSHOP
Technology and Power, hosted by the Creative Computing Institute, University of the Arts London (online) – resources

7 May 2021

Critical Tech Literacy: Critical Thinking about Life-Critical Technology – SEMINAR
Technology and Power, hosted by the Creative Computing Institute, University of the Arts London – video

20 April 2021

Lessons from Libraries about Meeting the Digital Needs of Digitally Excluded Groups
Digital Inclusion 2021: Creating Accessible and Inclusive Digital Services, hosted by Government Events (online)

24 March 2021

Understanding Critical Tech Literacy for All Ages in the Digital-by-Default Era
All-Party Parliamentary Group on Digital Skills (online) – my remarks

12 March 2021

Women, Art, and Resistance: Instagram and the Arab Spring
Penn State Abington Art Appreciation Club (online)

13 January 2021

Digital Skills and Inclusion Conference
Hosted by Inside Government, 13 January 2021 (online) – my opening remarks

19 October 2020

Knowledge Justice in the Digital Archive: The Exclusions of ‘Open’ / The Inclusions of ‘Closed’
Open and Engaged Conference, The British Library (online) – resources

8-11 August 2020

Divided by Digital Policy: Lessons From the Oxfordshire Digital Inclusion Project 
with Dr Grant Blank (Oxford Internet Institute), American Sociological Association Annual Meeting (online)

25 June 2020

Knowledge Justice on the Internet: Different Ways of Knowing and Doing
with Anasuya Sengupta (Whose Knowledge?), UKSG Live Webinar (online)

20 May 2020

Digging into the digital divide in Britain: How community-owned internet is connecting the rural northwest during lockdown
Centre for Socio-legal Studies Seminar (online)

25-28 November 2019

IGF 2019 WS #248 Towards equitable and sustainable community-led networks (chair)
Internet Governance Forum, Berlin, Germany – video

15-17 November 2019

Connecting the unconnected: A hands-on conversation
with Nico Pace and Cynthia El Khoury, Bread & Net Conference, SMEX, Beirut, Lebanon

11-14 June 2019

Datafied Refuge: Navigating New Digital Borders for Refugees in the City (Roundtable)
RightsCon, Tunis, Tunisia

Widening the spectrum: how can radio spectrum regulation advance Community Networks (Panel) (chair)
RightsCon, Tunis, Tunisia

18-19 June 2019

Public libraries on the frontline of the digital divide: the case of Oxfordshire digital helping initiatives
Digital Inclusion Policy and Research Conference 2019, School of the Arts – University of Liverpool

27 May 2019

Are Your Selfies Carbon-Neutral? Human Rights and the Environmental Impact of the Internet
Technology and New Media Research Cluster Seminar, University of Cambridge

3-5 April 2019

Connectivity Beyond Access: Crossing the Digital Divide in Search of a Human Right to the Internet
Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Leeds

21-22 February 2019

Between Entrepreneurship and Activism: Women’s Rights in Egypt’s Neoliberal Economy
Challenging Fundamentalisms? Ideology, Public Policy, Law and Gender Equality, University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica

Digital Flânerie: Wandering the Online Archive of the ‘Arab Spring’
BRISMES Annual Conference, King’s College London, 25-28 June 2018

Calculated Immobility: A Provocation on Algorithmic Spaces
Lenses or Mirrors? How Algorithms affect Ways of Seeing Race and Gender, Cambridge Digital Humanities, University of Cambridge, 21 May 2018

The Start-up Revolution: Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship in the Middle East after the Arab Spring
Digital Economy: Ubercapitalism or Post-Capitalism? Conference, Centre for Digital Culture, King’s College London, 11 May 2018

Cyber-utopian City: Digital Ethnography in Post-Revolutionary Cairo
Oxford Digital Ethnography Seminar Series (OxDEG), The Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, 2 May 2018

Sounding Out Research: Lessons from Podcasting in Academia
‘Projecting the Arts’: Conveying Research in the Humanities through TV, Radio, Podcasting and Projection Art, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, University of Oxford, 21 November 2017

Memory and Forgetting in Egypt’s Digital Revolutionary Archives
Archives, Activism and Social Media Workshop, University of Cambridge, 21-22 September 2017

“Cyberutopia, the Revolutionary City: How Egypt’s Tech Activist-Entrepreneurs are Reshaping Public Space After the Revolution”
Conference paper, Personalised Media and Participatory Culture Conference, London School of Economics, 29-30 June 2017

Creative Communication in the Digital Age: Engaging New Audiences for Research
The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, 30 March 2017

“A Revolution Remembered and Forgotten: The Digital Artifacts of the Egyptian Revolution”
Connected Life 2015, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, 4 June 2015

“Back to Normal? Digital Textuality, Activist Histories, or How the Arab Uprisings Will Be Forgotten”
Panel: “Spring Confronts Winter: The Publics and Counterpublics of the Arab and Iranian Uprisings,”Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., 22-25 November, 2014

“Empire in the Academy: Reflections on the Dialectic Between Research about and Practices of Resistance”
Invited presentation with co-authors Dr. Miriyam Aouragh and Riya Alsanah, Workshop on Infrastructures of Empire: Mediated Activism and (Counter) Revolutions, Co-Sponsored by the Social Science Research Council and New York University, 25-26 April, 2014

“A Revolution in Motion: Mediating the Digital Divide in Egypt through Mobility and Mobile Technology”
Panel: “Dreams or Reality: Visual Media as Shapers of People and Culture,” Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, 10-13 October 2013

“Network Error: How Mobility Informs Digital Ethnographies of the Arab Spring”
EASA Mobilities Workshop: Fielding Challenges, Challenging the Field, University of Oxford, 27-28 September 2013

“The People’s Republic of Vodafone: Mobile Memory and the Curation of a Digital Revolution”
Foreclosures Conference, Brunel University & University of Westminster, 17-18 June 2013

“Activism on the Move: Mobility, Mobile Technology, and the Politics of Mediating the Digital Divide in Egyptian Protest Activity”
New Media, New Politics? Conference, CAMRI, University of Westminster, 26 April 2013

“Mobility, Mobile Technology, and the Digital Divide: Mediating the Politics of Physical and Virtual Space in Egypt”
13th Annual Southwest Graduate Conference in Middle Eastern and North African Studies, University of Arizona, 3-5 April 2013

“Women, the West, and ICT4D (info/communication technology for development) in MENA”
Invited panel discussion, “Women, Islam, and Development: Can the West Help, and How?”, Rhodes House, Oxford, 11 October 2012

“Media and Political Activism during the Egyptian Revolution”
Invited guest lecture and Q&A, MDST (Media Studies) class, University of Virginia, April 2011 and 2012

“Undergraduate Linguistics from the Undergraduate Perspective: One Approach to Interdisciplinarity”
Linguistic Society of America Annual Conference, Baltimore, January 2010

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