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Tech for…[Insert Here]

What do we really mean by “tech for good”? A short essay from my newsletter about alternative ways to frame the conversation around tech morality.

UK Digital Poverty Evidence Review 2022

The report I wrote for the Digital Poverty Alliance – with a summary, links to the full text, and my full reference list.

Remarks at the 2022 National Digital Conference

Read my opening remarks at the Digital Leaders 2022 National Digital Conference. I argue there are three (new) kinds of evidence we need to consult to tackle digital poverty.

A podcast about computers and cake

In this podcast, I introduce the B4RN Computer Club, a group of dedicated volunteers helping to get their neighbours connected to the internet in rural Lancashire, UK.

Digital Skills in an Era of Compulsory Computing

The digital skills needed to survive in today’s pervasively digitised world have changed. Using ethnographic insights from a public library in Oxfordshire, my co-author and I describe the challenges faced by novice users in detail.

Shaping the Future of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (film series)

Finally sharing this beautiful collection of films I worked on for the Oxford Human Rights Hub and the World Health Organization.

Five community-led internet projects that are closing the digital divide

An essay (from my newsletter) about community networks, spotlighting five internet networks owned and operated by local communities.

The fastest farmers on the web

These rural communities banded together to build a full fibre network in Northwest England, and I’ve been interviewing them since 2018…

Device-limited literacy

Are children who have access to just one device for getting online, falling further behind? These are remarks I gave at the APPG for Digital Skills on the new digital dividing lines in the UK.

Refusing the Screen / Reclaiming Attention

Exploring the slow computing movement… What could the practices and politics of refusal look like in the digital age? Is paying attention a radical act?

Libraries on the Front Lines of the Digital Divide

What does this border zone between the connected and unconnected reveal about the realities of living in today’s digitised world? We finally summarised our research on this question.

Knowledge Justice in the Digital Archive (Talk + Resources)

A talk I gave for the British Library and the resources that inspired it.

Digital footprints as barriers to accessing e-government services

An academic article co-authored with Dr Roxana Radu, exploring how the requirement of a digital footprint to access e-government disadvantages people.

Queer Rural Connections

Geography, technology and identity combine to create opportunities for connection and disconnection among LGBTQIA+ people living in rural England.

5 Days on Digital Poverty

And we still haven’t solved it. In these essays, written for the Digital Poverty Alliance, I reflect on what was – and more importantly – what wasn’t said in this five-day virtual summit, arranged by a consortium of All-Party Parliamentary Groups.

Book Review: Social Media & the Automatic Production of Memory

Ben Jacobsen and David Beer’s dense little book on social media, automation, and memory raises thought-provoking questions about what is truly “new” about the algorithmic archive.

My interview on the Critical Future Tech podcast

Lawrence Almeida interviews me about my research on digital inequality and what “critical” doesn’t mean criticism