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Repost | #DPIS21 Day 5: Beating the Barriers – Online Safety, Security, and Accessibility

*Reposted from the Digital Poverty Alliance blog* In September 2020 the Government announced a new National Data Strategy, which aspired to “make the UK the safest place in the world to go online.” Safety was at the heart of this strategy for tech innovation and growth, and its legislative manifestation is the draft Online Safety Bill, which […]

Repost | #DPIS Day 4: Education and the Digital Divide

*Reposted from the Digital Poverty Alliance blog* “This is about the new normal,” declared a teachers’ union member at yesterday’s Digital Poverty and Inequalities Summit, which tackled the issue of education and the digital divide. The comment succinctly captured a chorus of personal experience and insight that reverberated with real feeling through the discussion. As […]

Repost | #DPIS21 Day 3: Research and Development – How Can the Tech Sector Drive Innovation in the UK Economy and Help Close the Digital Divide?

*Reposted from the Digital Poverty Alliance blog* Both the title and discussion of yesterday’s installment of the Digital Poverty and Inequalities Summit left open the question of the relationship between tech innovation and the digital divide: is the question whether it is possible for the tech sector to both drive innovation and close the digital divide (i.e. are these […]

Repost | #DPIS21 Day 2: Data Poverty

*Reposted from the Digital Poverty Alliance blog* If there is one digital exclusion issue that has been unprecedentedly spotlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is data poverty. And now that the light has been shed, there will be no looking away. Data poverty was the topic of the second day of the Digital Poverty and […]


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