Academics increasingly have to consider how to communicate their research to a wider audience and how to engage new stakeholders and participants in the research process. There are many motivations for peering out the window of the ivory tower, from funding requirements to a general enthusiasm for getting your research out there! Whatever the motivation, it’s vital to convey the important role of academic work in the production of knowledge, particularly in the ‘information age,’ where information–of all kinds and qualities–is readily and rapidly accessible.

Communicating the value and substantive content of academic research can be challenging, and different audiences and venues require bespoke communicative strategies for engagement. That’s where I come in. I am sometimes a listener, sometimes a translator, sometimes a mediator, sometimes a creator. I work in the space between academia and the wider world to come up with creative solutions for conveying academic content in new ways and engaging audiences in new places.

It’s probably no coincidence that my own academic research is about ‘betweenness’ (in cyberpolitics, realised between the online and the offline). In my adventures in consulting, I spend a great deal of time in between and at the interstices of different disciplines, audiences, and platforms.

I have years of experience developing original podcasts, videos, and visual communication content for public engagement, and I work with charities, creative professionals, and academic research projects and teams. I also teach workshops on public engagement and audio/visual production for academics.

You can listen to some feedback here from students at a recent podcasting workshop (from May 2017).
I provide guidance on :
– social media management and marketing
– public engagement with individuals, communities, and institutions
– media production, including content development
– web design and management

I also produce creative content:

– audio recording and editing
– video recording and editing
– storyboarding
– script-writing
– social media ad design
– website management and graphic design
– pamplet, flyer, banner, and other promotional material design
Current Projects
University of Oxford
Past Projects
University of Oxford