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refusing the screen / reclaiming attention

The kingdoms of experienceIn the precious wind they rotWhile paupers change possessionsEach one wishing for what the other has gotAnd the princess and the princeDiscuss what’s real and what is notIt doesn’t matter inside the Gates of Eden– Bob Dylan, Gates of Eden Bear with me as I take you down a little rabbit hole with […]

reflections on the digital ‘archive’ of the Arab Spring

(Adapted from my presentation at the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) annual conference) On October 16 this year, the popular photo hosting service Twitpic announced it would be shutting down. The announcement came after weeks of negotiation, as the company attempted to find a buyer that might save it from obsolescence.  When Twitpic launched in […]

from football to facebook?: the long road to revolution in Egypt

I was standing in Tahrir Square in September on what had become a “typical” Friday: protesters were slowing trickling into the midan–some wrapped in Egyptian flags, some with black, white, and red painted faces, mothers and children, bearded men in white, students in t-shirts and jeans–and it seemed to be a lull, a moment of […]

the internet’s tangible properties

A recent article in The Atlantic reminded me of a central issue that I address regularly in my own research — the materiality of the Internet, and I felt like bringing this topic to the blog. In “What the Internet Actually Looks Like,” Megan Garber discusses the geographic mapping of fiberoptic cables provided to Fortune Magazine […]

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